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Monthly Archives: AUGUST 2012

AUG 28

Telling Lies Part 2

posted by Dr. Cohen on August 28, 2012 1:08 as Deception

There is no fool proof way to detect a lie. Most methods measure stress-type responses, not necessarily lying. Unfortunately there are a multitude of factors other than lying that can increase stress responses in interactive settings. Debates over the accuracy of polygraphs and CVSA ensue. Interestingly, there is no "passing” a polygraph, just a determination of no deception detected and if you understand how a polygraph works, you would know the only way to pass a polygraph is to lie (I will cover this in greater depth at a later date). Regardless, neither polygraphs nor CVSA measure lying – they measure behavioral correlates associated with autonomic arousal – lying is only one reason that GSR (sweat), blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, voice pitch, etc. may change. Innocent people fail polygraphs and liars can pass them [rumor has it that one of OJ Simpson’s defense attorneys, who will remain unnamed, prepared ...


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AUG 23

State Mental Health Hospitals

posted by Dr. Cohen on August 23, 2012 13:58 as General

More problems at California forensic hospitals...

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AUG 21

ADHD & Ritalin

posted by Dr. Cohen on August 21, 2012 16:56 as Drugs

I thought this was a good article on ADHD, ritalin, and the dangers of myopic views of normal vs. abnormal development.

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AUG 16

Why athletes look mad while celebrating a victory.

posted by Dr. Cohen on August 16, 2012 4:10 as Sports


Sometimes watching an athlete’s reaction to winning is almost as enjoyable as watching the competition. As an avid martial artist for most of my life, I not only enjoyed watching Chuck Liddell win, but also his celebratory reaction. Raw emotion!! Recently in the Olympics we saw gold medalists act similarly - a person setting a new Olympic record in swimming punches the water, a winning volley ball team holds their hands out in fisted position and grimaces at the crowd, etc. Herein lays the dilemma. We may expect the team or individual who was defeated to express anger or aggression. After all, they lost. Interestingly, it is the winner who does this. And this is not just in sports, but an A+ on a test or a job well done is often met by a fist punching the air.

Why? Matsumoto & Hwang (2012) offer an ...


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AUG 11

Profile of a Steroid User

posted by Dr. Cohen on August 11, 2012 18:48 as Steroids

I have received several questions regarding an article I co-authored on anabolic steroid use some years ago. Like any research, the study is not without its methodical flaws, however, it was and remains the largest sampling of anabolic steroid users. Our findings from that research suggest that the majority of adult steroid users began using steroids after reaching the age of majority and were not involved in organized athletics. Aesthetics appear to be the primary motivator leading to steroid use and the average steroid user does not resemble to profile typically associated with illicit drug users or that which is portrayed in the media.

The article is open-access and can be downloaded here:


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