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Monthly Archives: JANUARY 2013

JAN 30

Work & Stress

posted by Dr. Cohen on January 30, 2013 1:37 as General

San Luis Obispo Tribune interview regarding workplace and occupational stress:


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JAN 15

kids and sports

posted by Dr. Cohen on January 15, 2013 2:01 as General

New Times interview about the psychological, social and physical benefits for kids involved in sports.

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Cheat This, Not That: Hypocrisy, Ethics and Performance Enhancement

posted by Dr. Cohen on January 06, 2013 2:07 as Drugs

Cheat This, Not That: Hypocrisy, Ethics and Performance Enhancement

Anabolic steroids demonized while Viagra, Adderall and breast implants gain societal acceptance.

Those of us who have spent our careers studying substance use (note we do not assume that all use is disordered) and/or working with, in various capacities, those who engage in non-medical use of androgenic/anabolic steroids (AAS) have long ceased being surprised at the degree of bias in both the media and scientific communities against AAS and users of AAS. The agenda pressed by many in both venues has had the direct effect, whether purposeful or not, of casting those who use AAS in a negative light. Hence, the general message to the public is that such users are narcissists with an "Adonis Complex” andmuscle dysmorphia (in fact, so are all bodybuilders and anyone ...


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