Jason Cohen, Psy.D, M.A.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Other mental health professionals have described my style of interaction with clients as supportive, collaborative, engaging, highly active and rather direct. My preference is for a combination of "doing" and talking. I am very much action oriented. My approach is geared toward change and largely defined by the “Cognitive Behavioral Assimilative Integrative” school of thought...[click to read more]

Psychotherapy with College Students

College students face a unique set of demands. Often away from home for the first time and provided with a unique sense of freedom with new friends to embark on new experiences, dictated by new choices with less guidance, and a hefty dose of unanticipated challenges associated with the responsibilities they so desperately fought for as recently as a year ago. If that were not enough, the uncertain job market certainly is. The pressure to excel socially and academically with less structure then any time up to this point in their life can be difficult.  

A skilled mental health professional can assist in the development of tools needed to navigate this period.

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