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Licensed Clinical Psychologist


I accept most major insurance plans. Insurance benefits have become so complex that subtle nuances between seemingly similar plans make for rather large disparities in coverage. I have thus stopped listing plans that I am contracted with. Standard practices often require you to call your insurance company and determine eligibility. I leave that option open for you but prefer to have my staff do this for you which allows us to track your benefits and if needed, obtain preauthorization  for additional sessions or services.

With regard to insurance companies that I have no relationship with, you may have out-of-network benefits which will reimburse you for a portion of the cost. In those cases we can discuss the option of using those benefits or I am more than willing to refer you to a colleague that is in your network.

Affordable Care

If you do not have insurance, I reserve a few hours a month to offer services on a sliding scale. In such cases when someone truly cannot afford treatment, I will do what I can to make arrangements that are realistic for you.  


Military veterans and their families without insurance but in need of services should click on the "Give An Hour" link below.

Rate for Clinical Services:

Please call (805)460-8949 to inquire about fees.

Rates for Forensic Services:

Please click here.

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Since September 11, 2001, 2 million troops have been deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf, with 17 percent of returning troops suffering traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder.  Given the military culture's emphasis on confidence, strength, and bravery, many service members are reluctant to expose personal vulnerabilities to professional counselors.

Give an Hour™ provides services that are separate from the military establishment, offering options to service members who might otherwise fail to seek or receive appropriate care.

Give an Hour™, a nonpartisan, nonprofit national network of mental health professionals providing free counseling services to returning troops and their families.  Give an Hour™ offers services to veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and their family members.  Family members are loosely defined to include married or unmarried partners, parents, siblings, aunts/uncles—anyone connected to this veteran who is suffering a psychological effect related to the veteran's service.

People interested in receiving services through Give an Hour™ are encouraged to by email or phone, or log on to www.giveanhour.org to locate another provider in your area.

If you are another licensed mental health professional, consider joining. www.giveanhour.org