Jason Cohen, Psy.D, M.A.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Other mental health professionals have described my style of interaction with clients as supportive, collaborative, engaging, highly active and rather direct. My preference is for a combination of "doing" and talking. I am very much action oriented. My approach is geared toward change and largely defined by the “Cognitive Behavioral Assimilative Integrative” school of thought...[click to read more]

Individual Psychotherapy

People are often confused about the difference between psychotherapy and interactions that may be therapeutic. Speaking with a neighbor, friend, family member, etc. can certainly be comforting. Going for a run or taking a drive may help to clear your head. These and other activates can certainly be beneficial, but none are considered psychotherapy. Why? Psychotherapy is a process, not an outcome.

The definition of psychotherapy proposed more than 30 years ago by Melzoft & Kornreich still holds true today. In their words, psychotherapy is “the informed ad planful application of techniques derived from established psychological principles, by persons qualified by training and experience to understand these principles and apply these techniques with the intention of assisting individuals to modify…maladaptive” attitudes, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, etc.  

Individual therapy is when a patient or client meets with a qualified professional for the aforementioned purposes. This is the most common modality of therapy or counseling. Sessions are conducted one-on-one, are often held weekly for 50 minutes. Of note, there are circumstances when sessions may last longer or occur more frequently.

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