Jason Cohen, Psy.D, M.A.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Other mental health professionals have described my style of interaction with clients as supportive, collaborative, engaging, highly active and rather direct. My preference is for a combination of "doing" and talking. I am very much action oriented. My approach is geared toward change and largely defined by the “Cognitive Behavioral Assimilative Integrative” school of thought...[click to read more]

Psychotherapy with Adults

Unlike many earlier stages of life, adulthood spans a much broader period of time with added complexity from the variety of roles adults must play and transitions between stages within adulthood. Balancing responsibilities and/or aspirations stemming from family, relationships, work, finances, personal health, etc., with other meaningful aspects of life (e.g., values, hobbies) can be a daunting task. Sometimes we allow the realities of life to trump our personal needs or we simply get stuck.

A trained mental health professional can help.

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